Keleta Avene is a Tuvaluan residing in Australia. This site is built as a tool for expressing his thoughts about what he deems important in his various interests related to his Faith, the Baha’i Faith, his country, Tuvalu, and what he does as his livelihood. Parts of this site will be dedicated to these subjects.

Born in Samoa, grew up in Tuvalu and Kiribati, educated at the King George V School in Kiribati, graduated with a Bachelor of Education at the University of the South Pacific, Fiji, and later attained the Graduate Diploma of Computing at Deakin University, Victoria, Australia.

Keleta was a secondary teacher of Maths and Science in Tuvalu and of the same subjects including Information Technology at various schools in Victoria. He also worked as a Business Analyst for Telstra in Victoria at one stage. At retirement now, he has started his online business managing commercial stores.

There will be links to special blogs on:

  • The Baha’i Faith
  • Tuvalu
  • Online Marketing

While this website is being developed various changes will appear over time.